Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy and practice that dates back over six thousands years, originating in China.

Feng Shui is the placement and arrangement of objects and structures in the environment which can affect the flow of energy, known as qi, chi and/or ki.  Feng Shui is analogous to acupuncture for the home.

Feng Shui means Wind and Water in Chinese. Wind travels throughout our Universe, freely and uninhibited, and is essential to our survival, as is our breath. Water takes the shape of any form, snow, ice, rivers and is extremely adaptable. We are made up of 70+% water, which is critical to our survival.

When Feng Shui is balanced, it is as if we are swimming with the current. The water is clean, clear and abundant and flows easily.  Feng Shui that is not in balance is like stagnant water; no circulation, or perhaps an eddy where it simply goes in circles- getting no where. When our Feng Shui is balanced life flows easily and effortlessly, the Qi, Energy lingers and meanders and all is well.

The combination of Wind (breath) and Water is what makes life possible.  Our planet Earth is an extension of ourselves, as we are an appendage to the Earth.



Feng Shui is based on the alignment of the five elements, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. The elements are of paramount importance to Feng Shui. Use them properly, and watch your life blossom into a world of beauty.

The Ba-Gua, or Lifestyle Grid, as Mary Dennis calls it, is divided into eight areas called guas. The  Tai Ji, Health center, is in the middle of the Ba-Gua and connects all of the guas. Each gua is associated with a predominant element: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal or Water. In order to have balanced Feng Shui it is imperative that the proper elements are located and supported in their correct Guas.


The Five Elements



Color: Green

Shape: columnar shapes, rectangles

Wood feeds Fire

Wood destroys & uproots Earth

Meaning: The FAMILY  & ABUNDANCE guas are associated with Wood.

Add Wood and Water to strengthen these areas.

Avoid the Metal and Fire Elements



Color: Red

Shape: triangular & pyramid shapes, candles

Fire makes Earth

Fire melts Metal

Meaning: The FAME & REPUTATION gua is associated with Fire.

Add Wood and Fire to strengthen the area. 

Avoid the Water Element


Color: Yellow and Earth Tones

Shape: squares, cubics, earthen ware

Earth makes Metal

Earth dams Water

Meaning: The KNOWLEDGE & SELF-CULTIVATION, HEALTH CENTER and RELATIONSHIP area are associated with Earth.

Add Fire and Earth to strengthen this area. 

Avoid the Wood Element



Color: White

Shapes: round, circular shapes, domes

Metal makes/holds Water

Metal cuts Wood

Meaning: The TRAVEL & HELPFUL PEOPLE and CHILDREN area are associated with Metal.

Add Metal and Earth to strengthen this area. 

Avoid the Fire Element


Color: Black and Midnight Blue

Shape: wavy and meandering

Metal makes Water

Water puts out Fire

Meaning: The CAREER gua is associated with water.

Add Water and Metal to strengthen this area.  Make sure there is no Wood.

Avoid the Earth Element

Host A Party And Learn The Basics of Feng Shui

Bringing friends together, (especially after years of Covid isolation) is fun!
Gather with a purpose to grow, laugh and learn.
Open your door to the world of Feng Shui & create an experience that changes lives forever.


Garden spaces can be sacred and life affirming.

Garden space includes all the land that is designated as yours, perhaps it’s many acres, a balcony, a patio or a pot in front of your entrance; whatever it is, make it beautiful.
However big or small your area, plant it with intention and never forget, seeds are like thoughts; whatever you (think) plant will grow with love and attention.

Real Estate

Are you SELLING or BUYING a home, or business?

Feng Shui lluminates the pros and cons of your potential home, property, or business. When buying a home, there are a number of variables that must be considered


Your Closet Sets the Tone!

An easy way to begin the Feng Shui journey is with your closet. Having a functional closet makes  life feel more manageable and rewarding. It is here where we begin and end our day.

Make it a great day!

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