Hillary M. Anderson

Hillary’s life-long work is helping people transform their lives through Feng Shui and other related activities. Feng Shui creates harmony and balance in one’s environment to promote well-being, success, and positive energy.

  1. Transformation Through Feng Shui: Hillary is delighted to help you transform your life using Feng Shui and Transformational Coaching. Adjusting and changing the physical environment helps create a positive and harmonious atmosphere, leading to possible improvements in health, happiness, abundance, and relationships.
  2. Courses and Workshops: Hillary offers a three-month study, Re-Arrange to Change, for those who do not want to be practitioners, but long to understand Feng Shui on a deeper level. A great deal of knowledge and in-depth training occurs while applying the teachings directly to their personal spaces.
  3. Seminars and Public Speaking: Hillary leads workshops on Feng Shui combined with transformative tools that change lives. Hillary shares her expertise in Feng Shui and the benefits of creating balanced and positive environments; you transform your life by changing your home. 
  4. Corporate Visioning: Hillary’s work extends to the corporate world, where she likely assists businesses in aligning their physical spaces with their corporate vision and goals. A harmonious workspace can lead to increased productivity and employee well-being.
  5. Cultivate Joy: Hillary and her brother, Craig have recently opened a new gathering center called “Cultivate Joy” in Ketchum, Idaho. This center is a hub for personal growth, well-being, and community-building activities. Cultivate Joy hosts workshops and gatherings to facilitate bringing joy to people’s lives.  The unique artwork of Craig’s is on display and for sale.

Hillary is a certified Transformational Life Coach, from Mary Morrissey’s Premier Training Center for Transformational Coaching, a Feng Shui Master Consultant from the BTB School of Feng Shui Master’s program in New York City, an Intentional Environmental Designer from Mary Dennis’s Graceful Lifestyles- Conscious Design Institute, a mother of three grown men and a wife to the love of her life, Kirk Anderson, who inspires her everyday. She lives in Ketchum, Idaho, loves traveling, fun, and learning. 

Owner of Send Love Greetings-Limited Edition Note Cards and Postcards based on the Fine Art Photography of Kirk Anderson.

BA in Cultural Anthropology, University of California at Santa Barbara.

International Feng Shui Guild Red Ribbon Professional.

Owner of Send Love Greetings-Limited Edition Note Cards and Postcards based on the Fine Art Photography of Kirk Anderson.

Hillary holds a degree in Cultural Anthropology from the University of California, Santa Barbara which propelled her into the world of Feng Shui.


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