Upcoming & Past Events at Cultivate Joy (571 2nd Street E., Ketchum, ID)

OCTOBER 14,2023
A Day of Expansion, Preparation and Ceremony
Please join Meg, Dana and Hillary to prepare for the holidays, to embrace the changing seasons and to align with the stars. Meg will be teaching Astrology, Hillary, Feng Shui for the Holidays and Dana will take us on a mystical journey of celebration and ceremony.  The day begins at 11:00 a.m. and ends in the evening. There will be two one hour breaks for you to relax, run errands, eat or take a stroll. We look forward to connecting with you before the holiday festives begin.
AUGUST NEW MOON FIRE CEREMONY-WEDNESDAY, August 16, 2023 6:00 p.m. Cultivate JOY 🙂

The Sun Valley Joy Summit!

July 31,2023-August 4,2023

Join us for one day or five days and anything in between.                                                              Please register and learn more at

April 5, 2023: Re-Arrange to Change- A Feng Shui Course to Change Your Life

Begin this 12 week journey to learn and execute Feng Shui tools and techniques to create a home that supports you in all your endeavors. Please call for more information 208-720-5239

March 17th & 18th, 2023: International Feng Shui Guild Summit

Please join me and 23 other Feng Shui experts to deepen your Feng Shui knowledge for two days of growth and connection. Consider buying the courses to continue your Feng Shui journey.  You may want to access these speakers when you have a question and want it answered from a pro!

February 26, 2023: Vision Workshop to Create a Life YOU Love

12:00 p.m. -2:55 p.m.

January 29, 2023: Feng Shui and Transformation

9 AM – 1:00  PM 

Creating Space Within For Transformation – Gentle Movement and Breath With Shawn Phillips

Feng Shui to Transform Your Home to Transform Your Life – Hillary M. Anderson

Bringing it All Together With The Soothing Sounds of Singing Bowls – Bridgette Aldrich


January 20 & 21, 2023: Chinese New Year Virtual Workshop 

Come Celebrate the Chinese New Year at our virtual workshop

January 20 from 7-8 pm ET

January 21 from 9am-3 pm ET

Let’s gather to wave good-bye to 2022 and usher in an abundant 2023.

January 1, 2023: The 4th Annual A Better Me Workshop from 10 AM – 1 PM 

A Vision Workshop for those who desire more fun, joy, creativity, and adventure.
Start your year with clear intentions and learn to follow through with the New YOU!

Coffee from Lizzy’s and delicious vegan muffins from Sloan Storey will be provided.

Feng Shui Services

$1800.00 for a complete home or business consultation. If your space is relatively small there will be complimentary add-ons. Please schedule a Discovery Call to begin the journey of change, coupons are offered if need be 🙂

Re-Arrange to Change

Re-Arrange your home to change your life. Feng Shui Works!

Three months to transform your home to transform your life. Please book a discovery call so I can help you, navigate the world of Feng Shui, to create a life YOU love .

60 minutes each week. I Guarantee you to have a clearer understanding of the whys and hows of Feng Shui and if you implement the changes, you will transform your home and transform your life.

Group or Private Coaching

A group three Month Program. Receive the support and solutions to transform limiting beliefs into powerful purposes. Learn new tools to navigate life through it’s challenging times, but more importantly to create a life you LOVE.


Year Long Private VIP

Very Inspired Person, Intentional Environmental Design with Feng Shui, Transformational Principals, Special VIP Days and more…  During this year while working with Hillary your life changes for the better.  You wake up with a smile of gratitude for living another day. There will be no stone unturned as you navigate the Universal Laws, learn Feng Shui and grow into the person who LOVES their life.

Aura Soma

Aura Some Consultation $90.00. Additional cost(s) for any products recommended for the facilitation of the consult.


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